Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bible Faith Outreach Orphanage

This is a picture of the lush verdant mountains of Papua New Guinea.
But at present, PNG is experiencing an “El Nino” weather pattern. In areas with high altitude, frost is killing the plants, and in many places, a drought is drying up water sources. About eighty percent of the country’s food comes from the Highlands where the frost is destroying crops. In Australia, when a crop fails, it's easy to import food from elsewhere. In rural PNG where over 80 percent of the population lives, no crop = no food. No rain = no drinking water.

When I first heard about the frost and drought on the news, I was quite concerned. I spent 2013 and 2014 living in the remote highlands, and I have a love for the people of PNG. Where I  lived, the situation is apparently ok, but in many other areas, food is running low and government aid is tardy and inadequate.

An article on the news brought to my attention the plight of Bible Faith Outreach Orphanage in Mount Hagen.

A local woman known as Aunty Rosa gave up her job of twelve years with MAF and began caring for orphans and street kids full time. She provides them with food, school fees, and the love of Jesus. Money is always needed, but now that food is getting more expensive because of the drought, the need is even bigger.

Please consider making a donation to these kids. You can donate through orphan list (you will be required to make an online profile for the website), or directly through paypal using the email address

I know they would also appreciate prayer.

For more information about the orphanage, you can look at their website, facebook page, or this blog post. You can also contact Dave Schreier (who runs the website) at if you have any other questions.

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